Bijonsan El Aletleri Mak. Yedek Parça San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.


Bijonsan El Aletleri LTD. ŞTİ. was founded by Mr. Mehmet ÖZTÜRK in 1993 and has achieved it’s status of a leading company in our country (Türkiye) in the production of scaffolding and formwork accessories, which are among the basic needs of the building construction, mining and shipyard  industries.

Scaffolding and formwork accessories, produced at international standards and with high technology, Our products are not only preferred by leading scaffolding and formwork manufacturers still active in Türkiye  Also become a preferred brand in the international market, including Russia,Ukraine, Lithuania,Croatia, Bulgaria,  Serbia, Kosova, Albania,North Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lebanon, UAE,Morocco and Tunisia.

Bijonsan has formed it’s company structure as Family Company by joining Mr.Hasan ÖZTÜRK to its partner chain in order to expand its future investments in a healthier way, and has provided both managerial and technical support by expanding its staff to get a greater share in the international market.

By obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate as of October 2012, it has also certified that it meets the quality management system requirements.

Our popular products are; TIE-ROD tailored according to the formwork hole dimensions 12-32 mm, supporting spindles for Wall formwork systems and Self Drilling Anchor Bolts for mining and Geological, Underground Works.

Product/Servıce categorıes

Telescopic Mechanism, Telescopic Mechanism and Nut, Adjustment Shaft, Support, Tie-Rod, Scaffold Pin, Formwork Lock, Formwork Connection Shackle, Formwork Connection Shackle Machine, Support Head, Hook Set, Pin, Tie-Rod Nut, Adjustment Shaft Nut, Corner Connector, Support Nut, Telescopic Mechanism Nut, Wolf Mouth Flash, Formwork Pin, Flanged Water Holder, Climbing Strap, Adjustment Shaft Nut External Pulled, Pipe Clamp, Upper Cup, Lower Stone, Conical Hook Bolt, Almond, Tension Shaft, Wedge, Tie-Rod Plate, Tijli Clamp

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