KMK Korkmaz

KMK Korkmaz İskele Kalıp Sera Malz. İnş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.


As founders of our company, we have been actively involved in the scaffolding and formwork sector since 1994, amassing a wealth of experience in this field, driven by our passion for our work.

We specialize in providing comprehensive services to the construction industry, encompassing the design, production, and after-sales support for scaffolding, formwork, and industrial formwork systems.

Our manufacturing expertise covers a wide spectrum, crafting formwork and scaffolding tailored for diverse structures including high-rise buildings, bridges, roads, shipyards, shopping malls, and factories. At KMK KORKMAZ Scaffolding & Formwork LTD. CO., our commitment to customer satisfaction is central to our operations. Our engineering team and robust after-sales service within the construction sector reflect our dedication without compromising on quality.

With a core emphasis on customer satisfaction, our goal is to emerge as one of the foremost manufacturers of scaffolding and formwork by consistently delivering the highest quality products and services.

Product/Servıce categorıes

Wall and Column Formwork Systems
H20 Column and Wall Formwork, Climbing Formwork Systems, Sheet Metal Surfaced Light Panel Systems

Flooring Systems
Telescopic Props System, H Type Load-bearing Scaffolding System, Ring-lock Type Scaffolding System, Cup-lock Type Scaffolding System, Slab Panels

Facade Scaffolding Systems
Ring-lock Facade Scaffolding System , H Type Facade Scaffolding System

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KMK Korkmaz
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