Özler Kalıp ve İskele Sistemleri A.Ş.


OZLER Formwork and Scaffolding Systems was established in Istanbul in 1996 with the purpose of providing services as a business partner to construction companies. We are offering wide range of services such as project planning, design, manufacturing, sales, rental business, technical support after sales, supervision and project consultancy. We are proposing fast and economical industrial formwork and scaffolding solutions aided by engineering, analysis and reports with our experienced and dynamic technical experts. OZLER serves its clients with a workforce of 150 employees within a facility of 22.000 m², 7.000 m² of which is covered as a production area and 15.000 m² is kept open for storage.

Our company invests in R&D with a continous sense of innovation in a modern working environment surrounded by zero defect safety rules using high end technology and machinery; such as automatic cutting and stamping machines, metalworking centers, robotics and automatic welding machines and CNC machines for cutting and bending in order to produce high quality products. The projects carried out by OZLER until today were always the product of robust and high quality service. In addition to this quality awareness, clients distinguished OZLER very well from others for sure by virtue of just in time deliveries and rapid call backs.

OZLER keeps on growing continously since its establishment and serves to many local and foreign companies at home and abroad. In conjunction with the development of construction services of Turkish companies in foreign markets, we continue to serve as a business partner also in these countries. Would you also like to buy quality products on time, with fair prices and excellent services?

Product/Servıce categorıes

Column and Wall Formwork Systems
Rapid / Panel Formwork System, Rapido / Panel Formwork System, Timberform / H20 Beam FormworkSystem, Timberform DP / Circular WallFormwork System, OSF / Single Side Formwork System, OCF / Climbing Systems

Slab-Shoring Scaffolding Systems
Slabform&LT ShoringScaffolding System, H-Tower Shoring Scaffolding System, Cup-Lock Scaffolding System, Slabflex Shoring Telescopic PropSystem, Slabdeck Aluminum Panel System, Spiderkit MS300

Facade Scaffolding Systems
Safetyscaff Facade ScaffoldingSystem, Uniscaff Ring-Lock ScaffoldingSystem

Safety Systems
Safetyboard Edge Protection System, Safetynet Console System, Formdeck Material TransportBracket System, Windboard Facade Protection Panel System

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